7 Best Content Automation Tools for Under $100

7 Best Content Automation Tools for Under $100

Top 7 Affordable Content Automation Tools for Website Owners

You pace up and down, go for a walk, and storm the bathroom for a cool shower. Or let it rest overnight so your subconscious mind can handle the thought process like traditional writers' advice.

But nothing works.

Many have been in this boat. And honestly, defeating a blank sheet to come-up with your first sentence is more challenging than thought.

And this is where content automation tools come in.

A large percentage of these software lets you go from thoughts to ideas and a first draft in a few minutes.

And there are others that optimize your content to rank high on Google. Also, some automation software aids with social media management by scheduling your post for publishing across multiple channels.

If you're reading this with keen attention, we believe you're in the market for content automation software to shortcut your content marketing process.

It doesn't matter if you're an agency owner with a large client base or a niche site owner growing your site, or a freelancer; we've made a comprehensive list of tools that are both affordable (under $100/month) and has a quick turnaround.

But first, here's what other sites won't tell you: All content automation tools aren't built the same way.

We believe that there are 5 categories of them out there.


  • Consider SEOmatic for bulk content generation with its Programmatic SEO.
  • Copy AI helps in creating multiple text variations for your product/service.
  • For small businesses, Rytr offers AI-generated content, images, and checks for grammar and plagiarism.
  • Jasper excels in long-form content, providing the first line and templates.
  • SurferSEO optimizes SEO content with its comprehensive suite.
  • Quilbot is a handy tool for paraphrasing, ensuring sentence uniqueness. Finally, Content Studio is ideal for social media content management, with post scheduling and engagement tracking features.

5 Categories of Content Automation Software

Content creation software - Most content automation software leverage AI for automated content creation. Their most important feature is in helping you defeat a blank sheet. And that can be achieved by auto-generating outlines, headlines, meta-titles, and product descriptions.

Paraphrasing tools: Using AI writing assistants makes you vulnerable to plagiarism. Paraphrasing tools solve that by rephrasing words, sentences, and paragraphs to ensure content uniqueness.

Social media tools: These tool types help you plan and schedule your social media post for publishing across multiple channels.

Content Optimization tools: Handles everything from keyword research, competitor analysis, generating headlines, and optimizing content to rank higher on Google.

Bulk content generators: Helps scale content creation from 1 to 1000 pages by identifying modifiers for each keyword.

Best Content Automation Tools By Use Cases

SEOmatic (Best for Bulk Content Generation)

An odd one in the list, but SEOmatic uses a unique approach to content creation that most website owners are yet to catch up with.

Remember when you had to create content around similar topics like:

  • Best cities in the UK
  • Best cities to visit in Brazil
  • Best restaurants in Belgium

And wish there was a way to avoid manually creating this content since it feels like you’re writing the same content repeatedly?

Well, this is the reason we created SEOmatic.

To help you automate content creation around closely related topics like the ones above.

And SEOmatic achieves this with a unique SEO technique known as Programmatic SEO. If you're wondering about the potential problems with programmatic SEO, rest assured that SEOmatic has designed its software to minimize risks and maximize rewards.

What's Programmatic SEO?

Programmatic SEO, or pSEO for short, is a process to automate and scale your content creation by generating hundreds or thousands of landing pages using templates that can dynamically insert data from a dataset.

Programmatic SEO aims to drive traffic to your website and rank organically on search engines on low-competition/long-tail keywords.

You can learn more about generating thousands of pages in one go with programmatic SEO here.

SEOmatic's Features

  • Auto-generates 100’s or 1000’s content around low-competition, high-volume keywords, overcoming issues of duplicate content that some other programmatic SEO tools might struggle with.
  • Landing page and blog post templates to cut content creation time
  • Built-in AI writing assistant to transform ideas into blog posts and optimize to rank on Google following SEO practices
  • Directly publish your content to your website: WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, Notion, and Bubble
  • Index your pages on Google within 24 hours

Want to invest in a programmatic SEO software? SEOmatic is a good place to start.

Click here to get a free trial and jumpstart your bulk content creation journey.

Copy AI (Best for Writing Copy)

What's the most challenging part of writing? It's coming up with your first sentence. Fortunately, Copy Ai helps you wrap your thoughts in words.

How it works is that you put little information about your product or service in the idea field, and it will come up with hundreds of text variations for you.

To ensure the copy you generate is both engaging and informative, Copy Ai offers several writing styles and tones: Formal, professional, empathetic, and persuasive, among others.

Even though its name suggests that it’s solely focused on copy, it has several use cases outside copywriting: Headlines, meta-description, content outlines, social media posts, captions, and bullets.


  • Short learning curve
  • Create blogs or articles in minutes
  • Offers 90+ tools and templates
  • Supports 20+ language


  • Texts don't contain data and facts
  • Plagiarised content

Rytr (Best for Small Businesses)

In an industry where AI assistants cost around $50-$100, Rytr presents a cheaper alternative to small businesses.

For a low-cost option, it offers everything you will find in premium software:

  • 40+ use cases: Blog posts, blog titles, outlines, Email, social media content, and landing page copy using the AIDA framework
  • Offers 20+ writing tones to make your content conversational
  • Built-in grammar and plagiarism checker
  • Generate Ai images along with content.


  • Built-in grammar and spelling checker to maintain clarity
  • Includes Ai generated images when writing content
  • Write in different brand voices and tone


  • Supports only a few languages

Jasper (Best for Long form Content)

Remember Jarvis.ai? Well, it rebranded to Jasper.ai in 2022. Aside from being around the longest, Jasper is one of the best Ai writers for creating long-form content.

It helps you get unstuck by auto-generating the first line of your blog post. It also provides numerous templates for Facebook Ad copy, Youtube video scripts, product descriptions, and headlines.


  • Large template library
  • Perfect for both short and long-form content
  • Content is unique and free from plagiarism


  • Content lacks expertise and data

SurferSEO (Best for SEO Content Optimization)

Regarding content optimization for ranking on SERPs, we had a lot of options to choose from: MarketMuse, SurferSEO, WriteZen, and ClearScope. However, we went for SurferSEO because of its friendly price tag and feature-rich suite.

SurferSEO's content editor provides a complete SEO suite that does everything from keyword research, competitor analysis, pain-point related outline, and content generation.

The content editor is where most top-ranking pages are forged. It makes word count, keyword frequency, and placement suggestions.

And it also has a grading system rates your chance of ranking on Google relative to pages currently occupying the first page.


  • Analyze SERPs to generate outlines that contain input from the "people also ask session" of Google.
  • The comprehensive competitive analysis measures your chance of ranking for each keyword.
  • Content ticks every on-page SEO checklist.
  • Export content to Google doc or generate a link to share with teammates


  • Optimizing for a perfect score of 100 leads to keyword stuffing
  • Keywords are forced, and content sounds unnatural in some cases

Quilbot (Best for Paraphrasing)

If you're using Ai assistants to create your content, then there’s no guarantee that some of the sentences won’t be plagiarized. A paraphraser like Quilbot help rephrase sentences to ensure uniqueness.

It does this by swapping some words with synonyms without changing the sentence structure.

Aside from its paraphrasing abilities, Quilbot has built-in grammar and plagiarism checks. Hence, expect it to make some grammar suggestions.


  • Integrates with Chrome and MS word to help you rephrase as you write
  • Choose from different tones and writing style
  • Built-in citation and summary generator
  • Find synonyms using a thesaurus


  • Suggest tone changes that destroy sentence structure

Content Studio (Best for Social Media Content)

Want to schedule posts across multiple social media channels? A tool like Content Studio helps you do so easily.

It helps streamline your social media activities by allowing you to schedule all your posts in advance. Leveraging their analytics feature, you can track engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares to understand the content impact.

Unlike other platforms, Content also allows you to upload videos and schedule to post on Facebook and YouTube.


  • Blog integration with the website help you create SEO conscious content
  • Discovery feature helps you identify relevant content in your industry to know what resonates with your audience
  • Schedule YouTube videos and Instagram reels


  • Steep learning curve
  • Lack Instagram scheduling
  • Poor customer support


As you can see, content creation software aren’t the only option available in the automation market. Sometimes, you might need to combine 2-3 of these software to completely automate your entire content marketing engine.

If you do not have a large budget to run your business on, we believe this list will help you make the best pick for your budget type.


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⏳Total time cost for research & publishing was ≈ 3h (Instead of ≈12h)



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