Choosing the Best Programmatic SEO Software: Key Features

Choosing the Best Programmatic SEO Software: Key Features

What Makes a Good Programmatic SEO Software? Core Features to Look Out For

If you're at that stage where you finally have to invest in a programmatic SEO software, you will agree that making the right pick is challenging. Despite the limited options, it's hard to pinpoint what separates one tool from the other besides its pricing.

On the other hand, we've discovered that there's no "perfect software" out there. The best approach is to settle for a tool that meets all your needs while eliminating multiple software.

To help you choose wisely, we’ve outlined the core features to look out for in an ideal programmatic SEO software.


  • Look for an AI Writing Assistant that can create unique, SEO-optimized content swiftly.
  • Ensure the tool uses advanced models like GPT-3 text-DaVinci-003 for superior text generation and paraphrasing.
  • The software should be capable of paraphrasing to prevent duplicate content.
  • It should assist with Content Optimization for SEO and reader comprehension.
  • Fast Indexing Capabilities by Google's bot is beneficial.
  • The software should be compatible with your preferred CMS Platform.
  • A tool with an integrated Page Builder is ideal for quick setup and optimization.
  • Opt for a tool with insightful Data and Analytics to aid performance optimization.

AI Writing Assistant

Choosing programmatic SEO tools with built-in AI writing assistants helps with a fast content turnaround. But a good AI writing assistant shouldn’t just accelerate your content creation process but also create unique content that passes plagiarism check.

On Seomatic, you reap the double benefit of accelerating content creation with an AI assistant that can:

  • Research and create a content outline
  • Write SEO-optimized titles, paragraphs and headers to help your content rank
  • Generate intros and conclusions to battle writer’s block

And to also generate unique content for each head term or keyword with the help of the recent GPT-3 text-DaVinci-003.

What’s the GPT-3 text-DaVinci-003 model?

Going back to the basics, GPT-3 is an advanced AI technology introduced by Open AI in 2020 and trained to help produce texts that mimic human writing style.

Right now, only few writing softwares specify the GPT3 model in use. And the companies that do this mostly use the old GPT3 models instead of the `text-Davinci-003` which is more expensive, but accurate.

What makes the text DaVinci 003 different from the old models?

Let me explain…

With the text DaVinci 003 model, you can:

  • Fine-tune texts so they stand out from the others on your page
  • Advanced paraphrasing doesn't just switch words in a sentence but also changes sentence structure and vocabulary
  • Produces highly engaging long-form content around topics that require little to no expertise

Hence, if you’re going to choose a programmatic SEO software, ensure the minimum you settle for is one with the basic GPT-3 technology. So far, the only programmatic SEO tool that has incorporated that feature is our very own SEOmatic.

To ensure the content generated adheres to Google’s helpful content update, we made AI writing assistant an option rather than a compulsion - turn off if you don’t want it. Since it only assists with the skeleton of the content, it provides a roadmap for human writers.

And with the GPT3 technology incorporated, it paraphrases human generated texts to minimize duplicate content across multiple pages.

Even though 95% of programmatic SEO software are currently without the GPT-3 text Davinci-003 model, we know one that does.

Sign up for a free trial and take SEOmatic for a spin for 14 days before deciding to make an investment.

Paraphrasing for content uniqueness

According to Backlinko, “Duplicate content is content that’s similar or exact copies of content on other websites or on different pages on the same website”.

As you already guessed, this is a common issue for most sites that implement programmatic SEO since 100s of pages are generated around one broad keyword.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Google frowns at duplicate content and de-ranks pages found guilty of it. So, how do you avoid duplicate content on your site?

You have two options:

  1. Use software with paraphrasing capability
  2. Check content uniqueness with a duplicate content detector, and paraphrase duplicate texts.

Software with built-in paraphrasers

Programmatic SEO software with text paraphrasing capabilities helps you fine-tune the text on each page to ensure you have unique content all over your website.

And in the case of SEOmatic, bringing GPT-3 into the mix ensures you don't paraphrase content by just switching out words but by also changing the overall structure and vocabulary of each sentence and paragraph.

Duplicate Content Detectors

Suppose you don’t have access to a programmatic SEO software with a built-in paraphrasing feature. In that case, you will have to manually check for your content's uniqueness before paraphrasing repeated texts.

Some of the best duplicate content detectors and paraphrasers include Quilbot, Duplichecker, and Writesonic.

Content Optimization

There's no use creating a content piece no one will read. This is where SEO optimization comes in. A good programmatic SEO software should have a content editor that makes it easier to create SEO-optimized content.

Part of their function should be an even distribution of keywords around headers, titles, intro, and body of the content.

It should also help you generate a quick outline that covers all the questions readers have about the topic.

And lastly, the texts generated should satisfy search intent while making it easy for humans and search engines to read.

Indexing capabilities

Most programmatic SEO site owners complain that it takes time for their programmatic SEO campaign to show results. What could be behind the delay?

From our experience, one of the factors that hinder SEO results is slow page indexing.

For your audience to find your content on a search engine, Google's bot needs to find and index it. But don’t have control over when the pages will be indexed.

It could take weeks or even months, and we aren't willing to wait that long. Fortunately, it turns out that there's a shortcut and faster indexing could be the solution.

If you’re signed into a programmatic SEO software with indexing capabilities, your pages will be crawled by Google's bot within 24 hours of publishing on your site.

This way, it's easier for your audience and search engine to find your content.

Multiple Website Platform Integration

When implementing programmatic, most site owners prefer to do so on their existing website rather than switching to a different platform their programmatic software is compatible with.

For example, programmatic SEO software like PageFactory integrates with only WordPress. That makes it a wrong choice if your site is hosted on Webflow, Bubble, or Shopify. Here are some alternatives to PageFactory.

The goal is to choose a programmatic SEO software compatible with the page builder you're already used to.

Page Builder

And if you don't want to spend days to set up a WordPress or Webflow websites, you may want to look for a Programmatic SEO tool that has a Page Builder integrated that can automatically generate optimized SEO-pages like blog posts or comparison pages on your own custom domain.

This feature is key when you are looking for a Programmatic SEO tool. One of the key benefits is that you don't have to worry about technical SEO and you can focus more on your keywords research and creating engaging content for your audience.

Data and Analytics

Analytics offers insight into content consumption and helps you make a well-informed decision on optimizing content for better performance on search engines.

On most programmatic SEO software analytics dashboards, you can view the number of pages created; pages indexed and unindexed, the search volume for each page, the cumulative search volume for all the pages on your site, and where each page ranks on search engines.

Possible to Find a Software With All of These Features?

Combining all these features into one software seems ambitious, but they do exist. And if you want to deep dive, here are some of the best tools for programmatic SEO. And one of the best tool is SEOmatic. Here's what you get as a paid user of our software:

AI Writer: Generate SEO-optimized, human-first content in half the time it takes human writers.

Page Builder: Automatically generate SEO-optimized content on a custom domain. Saves you the time of building a website from scratch.

Paraphrase sentences: Leverage GPT-3 text DaVinci 003 to fine-tune corrections and avoid duplicate content on multiple pages

Indexing capabilities: Index your pages on Google within 24 hours of publishing

Multiple site integration: Integrates with the site builders you already use - WordPress, Shopify, Notion, Webflow, Bubble, and lots more.

Analytics: Track the total number of pages, plus traffic performance on each of them

And there are many more features likely to come in later. Want to be one of our early users? Click here to sign up for a 14-days free trial, and seize the chance to take Seomatic for a spin at no cost.


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