Programmatic SEO course for beginners (2023)

Everything you need to know about programmatic SEO to get started. Join 1500+ others and get 100% free access now.

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Meet your teacher

Hi! I'm Adams, a SEO manager with 12+ years of professional experience. I've worked with over 100 companies, both startups and corporations. See you in the course!

Your course content

The course consists of 9 individual lessons. We'll start by learning the basics of programmatic SEO and then proceed from simple to more advanced concepts.


What is Programmatic SEO and why is it so effective?

Learn the basics of Programmatic SEO to spend less time creating content and more time making sales.


What are the benefits of Programmatic SEO?

Learn about the benefits and advantages of programmatic SEO for your business.


What are the cons of Programmatic SEO?

Learn about the challenges and complications involved with Programmatic SEO.


How to find Head Terms for Programmatic SEO?

A complete step-by-step guide to finding profitable head terms for programmatic SEO.


How to create Programmatic SEO Page Templates?

Learn to create optimized page templates for programmatic SEO that helps you rank higher.


Programmatic SEO Good and Bad Practices

Certain good practices to follow and bad practices in programmatic SEO that you must avoid at any cost.


10 Real-World Programmatic SEO Examples

Learn from real-world examples of websites who have successfully implemented programmatic SEO.


How to do programmatic SEO on WordPress?

Learn how to do programmatic SEO on WordPress by using SEOmatic


How to do programmatic SEO on Webflow?

Learn how to do programmatic SEO on Webflow by using Seomatic

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