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Easily integrate your existing CMS or select our custom hosting. Start with our ready-to-use templates.


Add datasets

Upload your dataset for customized content or take advantage of our dataset library for quick setup.


Create template

Create your template and dynamically integrate data to produce personalized, engaging content.


Publish content

Effortlessly publish your pages via your CMS or our hosting, making your content live instantly.


Replace your spreadsheets and tools with our All-in-one tool for managing large scale content

Dynamic Content.
Generate unique and information rich web pages on the fly with content and data.
Dynamic Update.
Add keywords modifiers as you go to keep your content up to date or add more content.
Drip Publishing.
Drip publish your generated content with our scheduling tool.
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How to send money to a {{ PAYMENT GATEWAY }} account
What is the cost of living in {{ LOCATION }}
Top 10 {{ JOB ROLES }} freelancers to hire in {{ YEAR }}
Book the best {{ LOCAL SERVICE }} in {{ LOCATION }}
Will sports betting be legal in {{ STATE }}
How to connect {{ PRODUCT1 }} and {{ PRODUCT2 }}
How much is 1 BTC in {{ COIN }}
Top 10 {{ JOB ROLES }} freelancers to hire in 2023
Cheapest hotel to stay at in {{ LOCATION }}
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Enrich your content with Generative AI to make each page unique

Custom AI Prompts.
Like regular AI prompts but with dynamic variables to create highly personalized content at scale.
Autoblogging AI.
Generate and autopublish high quality, AI-written SEO-optimised articles at scale.
Spintax Generator.
Generate unique text variations easily with AI to avoid duplicate content.

Empower marketers with ready-to-use templates and easy hosting, no developers needed

Lightning fast.
All of our pages are optimized to load quickly. Search engines will love crawling your website.
Excellent SEO.
You won't have to worry about SEO — we make sure your pages are optimized out of the box with best practices in mind.
Lead Generation.
Publish high-converting landing pages and drive sales for businesses. Lead magnets and opt-in tools are integrated.
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And much more
Stop searching for datasets! We've got you covered. We have datasets for all businesses.
Export to CSV
One-click export your programmatic generated content into a spreadsheet.
Custom Fields
Drag & drop to create custom fields, generate content, export it as a CSV or JSON file, and upload it to your CMS.
Meta Tags
Generate Meta Tags the same way you generate programmatic content.
SSL certificate
Let us take care of your SSL certificate and all of the technical details.
Custom Domain
Personalize your included subdomain or use your own custom domain.


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