Meet Minh: Founder of SEOmatic

My Journey with Programmatic SEO: Growing a Scale-Up company to Success


As an entrepreneur, I was looking for ways to grow an online business quickly with minimal effort and cost. That's when I came across programmatic SEO.

Hi, I'm Minh, the founder of SEOmatic. I'm an indie maker and web developer based in France. I build a portfolio of digital assets when I'm not busy freelancing.

After successfully implementing programmatic SEO for a scale-up company, generating over 7,000 indexed pages and attracting more than 18,000 monthly visits, I launched SEOmatic in October 2022. Our goal is to assist growth teams, content marketers and SEO specialists in achieving similar results.

Minh Pham, Founder @SEOmatic


👨‍💻 Took my first leap into today.

🖊️ It was simple to use & generated 75 pieces of unique content using keywords + some prewritten exerts.

⏳Total time cost for research & publishing was ≈ 3h (Instead of ≈12h)



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