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Why should you spend time creating Template Pages for your business?

Creating Template Landing Pages for your SaaS business is essential because it offers immediate value to potential customers, showcases the versatility of your tool, reduces the user's initial setup time, and can significantly improve conversion rates by providing a tangible, user-friendly starting point.

Enhanced User Experience

Template landing pages offer users a seamless and intuitive start, reducing the barriers to product adoption.

Higher Conversion Rates

By showcasing ready-to-use solutions, customers can easily see the value, leading to increased sign-ups and sales.

Time Efficiency

Templates expedite onboarding, allowing users to achieve results faster, fostering loyalty and positive word of mouth.

Template Pages For SaaS Startups Made Simple

Template pages accelerate SaaS startups by enabling quick, cost-effective development and consistent branding. They simplify feature launches and marketing, allowing startups to focus on unique value and speed up market entry.

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Golocalise used specific language needs to generate hundred of pages about hiring voice actors in a variety of languages.

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Bust The Dust

Bust The Dust used geotargeting to create multiple pages for top Cleaning Services in various US cities for relocating purposes.

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Superbra generated hundreds of pages exclusively emphasizing the significance of wearing a bra for different sports categories.

Our Best Practices For Building Template Pages

Suggestions on how to achieve the best results & common pitfalls to avoid in this use case


Consistent Design

Ensure that your templates use a consistent design (typo, color schemes, UI elements).



Design elements should be modular. This makes it easier to mix and match components.


Avoid Overcomplication

While it's essential to offer flexibility, avoid making complex templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

With lots of unique blocks, you can easily build a page without coding. Build your next landing page.

What are template pages?

Template pages are pre-designed layouts or structures for websites, which users can customize to fit their content and branding without starting from scratch.

Why use template pages?

They simplify and speed up the web design process, reduce development costs, and often incorporate best practices in design and functionality.

Aren't template pages unoriginal?

While they start as generic designs, most template pages offer extensive customization, allowing users to create a unique look and feel tailored to their needs.

How customizable are page templates?

Depending on the template, users can typically adjust colors, fonts, layout elements, and more. Some even support integrations or plugins for added functionality.

Do template pages negatively impact website speed or SEO?

Not inherently. However, it's essential to choose well-optimized templates. Overloading a template with unnecessary assets or plugins might affect performance and SEO.

Do I need coding skills to use template pages?

Many templates are designed for users without coding experience. However, some knowledge can be beneficial for advanced customizations.

Can I switch templates later on?

Yes, but the transition might require adjustments to content and design, depending on how different the new template is.


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