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Why should you spend time creating Alternative Pages for your business?

Creating Alternative Pages for your SaaS business is crucial as it allows for better targeting of different customer segments, increases the chances of ranking higher in search engines for various keywords, provides tailored user experiences that can boost conversion rates, and offers opportunities for A/B testing to refine marketing strategies and improve overall performance.

Improved User Experience

Provides alternative views for easy evaluation, saving time and offering clarity for informed decisions.

Better SEO Ranking

Targets high-intent keywords to attract users near conversion, boosting authority.

Increased Conversion Rates

Builds trust and credibility, addresses user pain points, and highlights product alternatives to guide user decisions.

Alternative Pages For SaaS Startups Made Simple

Alternative pages for SaaS startups spotlight their unique value against competitors, building trust and accelerating conversions by clearly showcasing their differentiators to potential users.

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Golocalise used specific language needs to generate hundred of pages about hiring voice actors in a variety of languages.

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Bust The Dust

Bust The Dust used geotargeting to create multiple pages for top Cleaning Services in various US cities for relocating purposes.

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Superbra generated hundreds of pages exclusively emphasizing the significance of wearing a bra for different sports categories.

Our Best Practices For Building Alternative Pages

Suggestions on how to achieve the best results & common pitfalls to avoid in this use case


Highlight USPs

Showcase unique selling points and advantages to differentiate your SaaS from competitors.


Social Proof

Include customer testimonials and case studies to build trust and credibility.


Avoid Biased

Present a fair and unbiased comparison to maintain transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are alternative pages for SaaS?

Alternative pages are landing pages created to target users who are looking for alternatives to a particular software product. These pages aim to showcase why your SaaS product could be a better option compared to the competitor.

Why are alternative pages important?

Alternative pages can help in capturing high-quality traffic. People searching for alternatives are usually in the decision-making phase, so a well-crafted alternative page can increase conversions.

What should be included in an alternative page?

Key elements to include are a comparison of features, pricing, and benefits between your product and the competitor’s. Testimonials or case studies can also help persuade prospects.

How do I optimize these pages for SEO?

Keyword research is crucial. Include the competitor’s name along with terms like "alternative," "replacement," or "similar software" in the meta descriptions, headers, and content. High-quality backlinks, fast load times, and mobile optimization are also essential for SEO.

How can I track the success of my alternative pages?

Tracking KPIs like bounce rate, session duration, conversion rate, and ROI can help you assess how effective your alternative pages are. Tools like Google Analytics can provide these insights.

Should I mention the competitor’s name on the page?

Yes, it’s standard practice to mention the competitor’s name when you are explicitly offering an alternative. However, the focus should be on showcasing how your product provides more value.

Is it ethical to create alternative pages?

Generally, it's considered acceptable as long as you are truthful and not misleading in your comparisons. Always stick to facts and avoid disparaging the competitor unfairly.

How do I promote my alternative pages?

You can promote these pages through SEO, paid advertising (carefully, to avoid trademark issues), social media, or even targeted email marketing campaigns.

Can I build multiple alternative pages for various competitors?

Yes, you can create multiple pages targeting different competitors. Make sure each page is tailored to the specific competitor you're targeting to increase relevance and conversion potential.

How often should I update these pages?

As your product or your competitor's product undergoes changes, updates, or pricing shifts, the alternative pages should also be updated to reflect these changes.


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