How to Bulk Edit on WordPress (With WOLF Bulk Editor Plugin)

How to Bulk Edit on WordPress (With WOLF Bulk Editor Plugin)

Content creation doesn’t end when you hit “publish.” There could be a few details or sentences that needs to be added or removed.

If you have hundreds of pages, making these changes one by one, and page to page on WordPress is a tedious process. But with bulk editors, you can make changes to multiple WordPress pages in just a few clicks.

It doesn’t matter if you want to change the name of the author, edit  meta title or add images, with the right bulk editing software, five minutes or less is all it takes.

In this guide, we will be using the WOLF bulk editor to show you how to perform the following bulk action on WordPress:

  • Bulk edit posts - Upload feature images, append texts, change meta titles
  • Change author’s name across different pages
  • Change post status: From “published” to “draft”

Keep in mind that this editor can’t help you bulk create landing pages or blog posts. If that’s what you need, check out SEOmatic for your bulk landing page or blog post creation. If you're looking to bulk import content to WordPress, consider following our WP All Import Guide.

How to Bulk Edit WordPress Posts With WOLF (4 Use Cases)

With the WOLF plug-in, you can carry out several bulk actions on your pages.

To make those changes, you can either make a bulk edit to all posts or select specific pages using a checkbox.

In this post, we will be showing you how to use this editor to perform four actions to save time on repetitive edits.

With the WOLF software, you can add featured images to your post within 5 seconds without opening the content on your WordPress dashboard.

You can either add the images one after the other, or in one go if you have multiple pages you wish to use the same featured images on.

Here are the steps for uploading featured images:

Step 1: Select the post you wish to add a featured image to.


Step 2: Select the image you intend to use from your WP image library, and click select.


Step 3: Image successfully added.


2. Change Page Title, Append, and Prepend Text

In the image below, we want to edit the title of our page which is currently “Hello World".


We can change that by following this path: Click title > Type in new title > Press enter.


Aside from changing page titles, you can also append and prepend texts to a post.

Append - Add texts to the end of a page

Prepend - Add texts at the beginning of a page.

Here’s how to append texts:

  1. Select the post you want to edit
  2. Click on content, and type in the text at the end
  3.  Click on the “eye’ icon to see the changes live on your site.

3. Change Author Name Across Multiple Pages

Just as you can change the title of your post, you can also change the author name on single or multiple posts.

For example, in the screenshot below, we changed the author’s name from “yrxc8” to "Aliyu Zainab"


4. Edit Published and Modified Dates

For instance, if you updated the content of your page, and you want the content to reflect the date of the update, you can do so by altering either:

Published date: Make the date of the last edit the new publish date

Modified date: Indicate the date the last edit was made.

Free vs. Premium Version: What You Get on Both

WOLF bulk editor offers both a free and paid plan.

You can gain access to the free version from the WordPress plugin dashboard or purchase a license for the premium plan at Codecanyon for $27 (6 months) if you want to unearth its full potential.

Most of the changes reported above were done with the free plugin, and here’s a breakdown of what you can do with it:

Free Plan:

  • Roll back changes to the last 2 actions
  • Max of 10 pages per page
  • Edit content by appending texts
  • Change post excerpt
  • Post type - Blog post, page, or attachment
  • Change publish and “Last update" date
  • Edit page categories
  • Preview changes on your site before publishing

What you will get on the premium version:

  • Everything on free
  • Edit content with Gutenberg editor
  • Bigger thumbnail preview from mouse hover
  • Display up to 100
  • Bulk edit categories, post fields, tags, and meta fields

Note: You must deactivate the free version before activating the premium version on your WordPress backend.

Limitations of Using WOLF Bulk Editor

So far, we’ve mentioned all the bulk edits you can perform with the WOLF bulk editor, and you can go here to view their full feature list.

But there are a couple of actions you can’t perform on the software. And they include:

  • Changing image file name or alt text.
  • Automatically convert page titles from small letters to ALL caps.
  • Can't schedule or automate post-publishing or delete.
  • Post-translation to other languages is not supported.
  • Can’t bulk edit Woocommerce product pages.
  • Can’t bulk create or edit landing pages.


The WOLF editor is the easiest tool to perform bulk edits on several blog posts for your WordPress site. However, you can’t use this to create or edit landing pages. Our software, SEOmatic offers landing page creation features. Take a tour of our homepage to view additional features.

Lastly, since you can’t bulk edit WooCommerce products with this plug-in. Check Bulky if you want a plugin for WooCommerce products.


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