8 Best Page Generator Pro Alternatives for Programmatic SEO

8 Best Page Generator Pro Alternatives for Programmatic SEO

Looking for an alternative solution to Page Generator Pro?

If you are a current Page Generator Pro customer seeking alternative options or are beginning to research programmatic SEO softwares, we can assist you. We’ll review the best Page Generator Pro alternatives, including the pros and cons of each Programmatic SEO solution, and learn why some business owners have migrated away from Page Generator Pro to SEOmatic.

What is Page Generator Pro?

Page Generator Pro automatically mass generates content (Pages, Posts and Custom Posts) to maximise your search engine presence.

Page Generator Pro offers different plans: subscriptions starting at $49/year up to $99/year and includes lifetime licence at $199 and $299 for agencies. With all plans, you will have access to all features of Page Generator Pro, with the flexibility to use it for one site or an unlimited number of sites depending on your chosen plan. The level of priority customer support provided may also vary depending on the plan you select.

4 Reasons Why You’re Probably Looking for a Page Generator Pro Alternative

Now that we've covered the basics, let's discuss the potential reasons for considering a different platform to automate your content creation with Programmatic SEO.

1. Page Generator Pro is not compatible with your CMS

Many site owners prefer to implement programmatic SEO (pSEO) on their current website rather than switching to a platform that is compatible with their chosen pSEO software. For instance, pSEO software like Page Generator Pro only integrates with one or two CMS making it an inappropriate choice if your site is hosted on another platform. It is important to choose a pSEO software that is compatible with the page builder you are already familiar with.

2. You don't want to spend time setting up a CMS

If you are new to SEO, you may spend hours learning how to set up a Wordpress website and learn its ecosystem, potentially requiring some coding knowledge to troubleshoot issues. This is not good time spent. All you want is to generate content and quickly rank on Google without the hassle of setup. You might not be aware but there are Programmatic SEO softwares that host your website on a custom domain with beautiful SEO-optimized landing pages or blog post templates, eliminating the need for you to set up a website yourself.

3. You want to avoid duplicate content or thin content

As you may have already guessed, this is a common issue for many websites that use Programmatic SEO because hundreds of pages are generated based on the same template. However, Google does not favor duplicate content and may decrease the ranking of pages found to contain it. To avoid duplicate content on your site, you can use a software that can write / paraphrase content or check the uniqueness of your content to rewrite any duplicated texts.

4. You are experiencing some level of frustration

There may be other things causing you to consider switching to a different Programmatic SEO software. It could be that you are dissatisfied with the design of Page Generator Pro, unhappy with customer support, or concerned about negative experiences others have had. Whatever the cause, know that you have other options available to you.

Features You Should Consider on Your Next Programmatic SEO Software

When selecting a Programmatic SEO tool, it is important to ensure that it addresses any challenges you have faced with Page Generator Pro without introducing new ones. Although every online business is unique, here are some features you may want to consider.

1. Integration with Any Site

Write and edit your content with your favorite text editor and publish it on any CMS. Continue using the website builders you know and love. You also need to make sure that the Programmatic SEO software you are choosing has a complete integration with your SEO including use of tags / categories and an edit / test mode for your generated pages. You don't want to be stuck modifying manually thousands of pages.

2. Writing and Paraphrasing ability

Some programmatic SEO software leverage AI writers to automatically generate and rewrite content in order to avoid repetition across multiple pages. This can be a useful tool for creating a large volume of unique content quickly and avoid to get flagged by Google as duplicate content or thin content.

3. Fast indexation

Creating thousand of pages is nice but if none of them rank on Google, it's pointless. It is common for programmatic SEO pages to have slow indexation rates. To improve indexation speed, we recommend using a programmatic SEO tool that use Google's indexing API to index your newly generated pages.

4. Page Templates

One of the essential features for programmatic SEO software is the ability to automatically generate optimized SEO pages without the need to set up a WordPress website or any CMS. Technical SEO is a lot of work and you may want to focus on your keyword research and content strategy instead.

8 Great Page Generator Pro Alternatives

Once you have a better idea of the features you do want for your next programmatic SEO tool, it’s time to evaluate Page Generator Pro competitors.

While we didn’t include every single programmatic SEO solution on the market, such as WP All Import, this list should give you a good idea of some of the most popular programmatic SEO platforms at the time of publication.

1. SEOmatic

Launched in September 2022, SEOmatic introduces a new way to automate and scale your content creation. It helps you create thousands of Landing Pages or Blog Posts with Programmatic SEO / AI and set up an SEO-optimized website in 10 minutes.

While Page Generator Pro is great for getting started, if you’re looking to grow and scale your content creation SEOmatic is the better choice.


  • Support for over 20 integrations with popular tools (WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, Bubble.io, etc.)
  • AI built-in assistant to help you slash your content creation time by 75%
  • SEOmatic offers ready made SEO-optimized templates and handle hosting, SSL, and custom domains for you.
  • Extensive Programmatic SEO features such as listicles, conditional rendering, meta descriptions, tags and internal links


  • SEOmatic is not a Page Builder like WordPress or Webflow and instead offers ready made SEO-optimized templates that covers most Programmatic SEO use cases (comparison pages, listicle pages, city pages, etc.). There is little room for customization except with custom css.
  • SEOmatic is currently in the beta development stage, and not all features have been disclosed yet.

2. PageFactory

PageFactory is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) that automates content creation using programmatic SEO. It is fully integrated with Wordpress and now also has a new integration with Webflow, allowing you to publish programmatic content directly to your site


  • Very basic Page template editor
  • It has integration with WordPress and Webflow to publish your content


  • Only support for WordPress and Webflow
  • It has very limited number of programmatic SEO features and a hard limitation on number of data to be processed at a time (Process up to 50mb of data at a time)

Visit our comparison page to see how SEOmatic stands out against PageFactory.

3. DataToPage

Founded in June 2022, DataToPage turns any data you have into pages without a single line of code. DataToPage allows you to generate countless pages with data imported from your spreadsheets.


  • DataToPage offers a complete Page Builder and built-in components to create custom pages
  • AI built-in Content Generation to help you generate new content
  • It has a built-in Plagiarism checker to ensure uniqueness of your content
  • DataToPage has integration with WordPress, Shopify and NextJs


  • Only support for few CMS integrations
  • While other programmatic SEO tools are easy to use, DataToPage is too technical and requires a lot more effort.

Visit our comparison page to see how SEOmatic stands out against DataToPage.

4. Docswrite

Founded in early 2022, Docswrite helps you turn a Google Document into a WordPress and offers also the possibility to do programmatic SEO.


  • Docswrite offers an easy-to-use integration to import templates from Google Docs
  • Docswrite has a Zapier/Make API integration available
  • Extensive SEO capabilities such as Table of Content, Image compression, Social Media Urls


  • Only support for WordPress integration
  • Docswrite was first built to import content from Google Document then later introduced pSEO

Visit our comparison page to see how SEOmatic stands out against Docswrite.

5. Launchman

Launchman is a Programmatic SEO page builder that lets you publish 1000s of marketing pages in minutes from an Airtable.


  • Launchman offers a Page Builder to design your page template
  • It has an integration with Airtable to import data
  • Real-time preview of your generated pages before pushing to production


  • It has no CMS integrations and only work with pages hosted on their servers
  • Templates design is currently very limited
  • It's only possible to import data with connection to Airtable

Visit our comparison page to see how SEOmatic stands out against Launchman.

6. The.com

The.com is a page builder that helps you generate 100s of pages for more traffic, leads, and conversions.


  • The.com offers a Page Builder with pre-designed page templates
  • It has an integration with Google Sheet to import data


  • It has no CMS integrations and only work with pages hosted on their servers
  • Templates design is currently very limited

Visit our comparison page to see how SEOmatic stands out against The.com.

7. SEOBrrr

Founded in early 2022 by ZeroToDigital, SEOBrrr is a Programmatic SEO tool that allows you to create and manage programmatic SEO campaigns containing data and templates. SEOBrrr has a WordPress plugin that lets you connect the blog posts and campaigns created on their app.


  • It's possible to try their programmatic SEO features directly on their website without signing up
  • SEOBrrr offers advanced template formatting options such as AND & OR conditions, concatenation, etc
  • It has a built-in Duplicate Content checker to ensure uniqueness of your content


  • Only support for WordPress and requires a WordPress plugin
  • Has limitations on numbers of data rows / page views depending on the plan

Visit our comparison page to see how SEOmatic stands out against SEOBrrr.

8. Typemat

Typemat helps you Rank #1 on Google Search and Use Programmatic SEO to rank for thousands of new organic keywords in minutes.


  • Typemat has an integration with WordPress and capability to update the generated content


  • Only support for WordPress integration
  • Very basic user experience

Visit our comparison page to see how SEOmatic stands out against Typemat.

Choose SEOmatic as Your Alternative

With many options available, you may be wondering what sets SEOmatic apart from the other platforms. If you are reading the SEOmatic blog, you may be interested in learning more about our unique features. Here is what our customers have to say about why they prefer SEOmatic over the other options:

"Took my first leap into programmatic SEO today with SEOmatic.ai. It was simple to use & generated 75 pieces of unique content using keywords + some prewritten excerpts.

Total time cost for research & publishing was ≈ 3h
(Instead of ≈12h)

Great tool!"
Ben, Founder of SalesPitch


While Page Generator Pro might be right for some people, it doesn’t work for everyone. And that’s perfectly fine. There are a lot of Programmatic SEO softwares out there that will help you automate your content creation and grow your traffic.

Make sure you consider the programmatic SEO features that will have the biggest impact, whether that’s offering multiple integrations, writing and paraphrasing ability, fast indexation or page templates. And then, take some time to evaluate and test each platform. For instance with SEOmatic, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial and cancel anytime.

Ultimately, while we believe that we are a strong choice for many businesses, it is crucial to remember that the most important thing is to choose what is best for you.


👨‍💻 Took my first leap into SEOmatic.ai today.

🖊️ It was simple to use & generated 75 pieces of unique content using keywords + some prewritten exerts.

⏳Total time cost for research & publishing was ≈ 3h (Instead of ≈12h)



Founder, Salespitch

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